• Our Focus

    Our focus is to provide a gaming experience that not only respects previous innovations, but embraces and builds upon them.

  • Our Vision

    We see the same things players see because we are players. We are builders. We are lovers of using what works to make something amazing.

  • Our Mission

    Build the City.
    That's it.
    That's the Mission.

    Giving back to the community what was taken from it.

  • Our Goal

    To create a family-friendly game of heroes, vigilantes, mercenaries, and villains, bringing you all that you loved from previous heroic games and improving where the newest technology allows us to.

The Phoenix Project: Classic Comic type Feel Classic Comic MMO type Play Classic Comic type Heroics Even Greater Community Involvement Improved Engine Extended Abilities Enhanced Design

We're not just building another comic game, we're raising the bar of what it means to be 'super.'

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The Phoenix Project

Project Phoenix.

Project Phoenix.

Project Phoenix.

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